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Asphalt Repair ~ Cracks and Potholes

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In Manitoba, there are two things we can count on every year: winning the award for Slurpee Capital of the World, and hitting potholes.

Slurpees? Awesome. Potholes? Not so much. That is where The Whiteout Group comes in.

What Causes Potholes?

Potholes are caused by the freezing and thawing of water that has seeped into the road base. As water freezes and forms ice it expands and pushes the pavement upwards creating a weak point in the road surface. The pressure of traffic driving over these weak spots causes cracks to form on the pavement.

When temperatures warm up in the spring the ice beneath the road melts causing empty pockets to form. The weight of the traffic driving over these unsupported weak spots causes the pavement to break, and a pothole is formed.

Other factors that can increase the risk of potholes are:

  • Not performing regular pavement maintenance
  • Improper pavement maintenance
  • Increased heavy truck traffic
  • Using de-icers, especially on newer surfaces
  • A long freeze/thaw cycle

Unfortunately, our unpredictable winters in Canada mean potholes are a headache we must deal with each spring. The good news is potholes are relatively easy to repair.

Are Potholes Really That Bad? Do I need pothole repairs?

YES! Do not let their size fool you; potholes can be brutal. They are tough to see, and in the spring when they are filled with water, they can be completely and dangerously hidden.

Not only are potholes bad for our vehicles, but they are also bad for business. Potholes can cause unaware drivers to lose control of their vehicle, resulting in an accident. For cyclists the results can be deadly. If a cyclist comes across a pothole at the last-second, their only way to avoid hitting it is to steer into the curb or worse, into traffic.

Check out some of these stats:

  • Over 200 000 potholes are filled in Winnipeg each year
  • According to CAA, Canadians spend over $1 billion dollars on pothole damage repair each year
  • MPI receives an average of 600 claims a year from people with pothole damage to their vehicles
  • The average pothole claim in Manitoba comes at a cost of $2 100
  • Consumers are less likely to visit or return to a business if there are potholes in the lot

When it comes to our vehicles, most people think potholes just damage our tires. If you are fortunate enough to just hit a small one, then this is usually the case. We live in Manitoba and know potholes can sometimes be more like craters than “innocent” holes!

When you hit a large pothole, in addition to tire damage, you can damage wheel rims, suspension, exhaust or steering systems. You can even damage the engine.

If you find damaged asphalt on your property, do not put off the repair. The quicker you deal with the damage, the fewer problems you will have.

How We Can Fix Them

In Manitoba we have a love/hate relationship with potholes. We love to complain about them and love to hate them! We hate them so much that local radio stations and even CAA have “worst road” or “biggest pothole” contests and campaigns.

Potholes are not just found on roadways. They like to creep up in driveways and parking lots as well, and at Whiteout Group we can handle them all.

For smaller jobs infill patches, we use a hot mix asphalt to fill in potholes. If you have more sizeable concerns, we have a number of other services such as sawcut patching, asphalt overlay, or larger repairs that will meet your needs.  Our fleet of equipment includes a specialized asphalt patch truck designed to take on all potholes effectively and efficiently.

What You Can do to Prevent Potholes

The most important steps you can take to prevent potholes are:

Keep the Surface Clean

Garbage, debris, oil or gas can all stain and damage asphalt. The weaker the asphalt, the more likely you will find yourself dealing with a pothole down the road. Also, if you own a business, a clean lot is good for business. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but you will not have to deal with angry customers who drove or tripped over potholes coming in or out of your lot.

Deal with Damage Right Away

The moment you see cracks or other damage to your pavement, maintenance is needed. In Manitoba, more than half of cracks in pavement result in potholes. The Whiteout Group has the expertise to deal with cracked pavement quickly and efficiently.

For optimal results, we recommend you perform regular maintenance by checking the condition of your pavement weekly. Look for cracks in the asphalt and have them filled at least once a year to protect your lot or driveway.

Choose the Right People to Get the Job Done Right

At The Whiteout Group, we are proud to offer pothole-specific repair units. Our team of professionals’ work to ensure each project is done to the specifications and satisfaction of our clients.

The Whiteout Group does the job right the first time.

We have the equipment and expertise to meet all of your pavement needs. Whether you need a small pothole filled, an asphalt patch repair, or a fully paved driveway, we can do it all. Need a new road? No problem.

Call and speak to one of our team members today