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About Us

The Whiteout Group Inc. operated independently as Tru Green Builders and White Out Snow Removal, and both businesses have been operational for over 12 years.

In 2018, these two businesses were amalgamated to create the Whiteout Group Inc. This allows us to operate under one umbrella and represents the true nature of our business.

Beginning in 2006 the owner started Whiteout Snow Removal with a truck, a few shovels and a snowblower looking to provide quality snow removal for his clients. Passionate about making snow removal more effective and efficient Whiteout Snow Removal grew to employ over a dozen dedicated snow removal operators, utilizing six different types of snow removal equipment including bobcats, loaders, sanders, skid steers, tandem snow trucks and end-dump semis. On top of this Whiteout Snow Removal employs four dedicated hand shovel crews equipped with snow blowers, shovels and backpack blowers. In the summer months, the owner, with a background in paving and road construction, began offering asphalt services. From simply filling in a minor pothole to re-paving an entire parking lot White Out Snow Removal prides itself in providing the highest quality possible.

Tru Green Builders was created specializing in property renovations, a crew of two men from humble roots set in the North End of Winnipeg set out to provide quality renovations for property and homeowners. As the business grew Tru Green Builders, based on their superb quality of work, was approached by leading insurance companies to provide carpentry and roofing restoration services. As the business expanded, Tru Green Builders began to employ more and more specialized workers, from contractors to HAAG Certified Roofing Inspectors (J. Brown # 201603225 and T. Miller # 201603226).

Today, The Whiteout Group Inc. has taken two successful businesses and continued their success. Comprised of three divisions, Whiteout Snow Removal, Whiteout Asphalt, and Whiteout Restoration we are a one stop shop for all your property needs!

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