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Asphalt Paving Services in Winnipeg

Whiteout Group provides asphalt paving services to Winnipeg and surrounding area clients working with a range of budgets. We can topcoat or replace your existing paved areas or build completely new ones. Parking lots, roads, lanes, or any other execution you are looking for – we can do it all.

As a driver, nothing comes close to the satisfaction of driving on a perfectly smooth asphalt paving surface. The silence, the gentle whir of your treads gently passing over the hot asphalt. That satisfaction is what Whiteout Group strives for in every paving job we execute.

Services – Asphalt Paving Winnipeg

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The cold winters of Manitoba can wreak havoc and cause nasty potholes on an otherwise beautiful asphalt surface and as a result, maintenance and semi-regular overhauls are required. Whiteout Group asphalt paving Winnipeg has the expertise and equipment to help you build or maintain a beautiful asphalt paving surface on your property.

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Parking Areas –  Asphalt Driveways

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We install new asphalt parking areas from the base up. Asphalt is a material requiring meticulous attention to detail, and when done right, can truly add depth and polish to space. Work with a team that has the experience and knowledge to build you a parking area that’s both long-lasting and well-manicured.

Line Painting

A freshly coated parking lot can only be improved by one thing – freshly-painted lines. Lines provide guidance to the people using your parking space, but additionally, they can improve safety and further enhance your lot’s clean aesthetic.


Existing paved areas can be brought back to life through an asphalt topcoat. Not all paved spaces require us to break ground and dig out the existing infrastructure. Some may simply need a new layer to smooth out uneven surfaces and reseal the existing pavement.

Roads and Lanes

While you cannot call us to come and patch a pothole in front of your home, we can do work on private roads and lanes. Driveways or other roads winding through your property can be resurfaced or replaced with ease. Our team of professionals works thoroughly to ensure a finished product so smooth it’ll give you chills when you drive over it.


Is your property in need of an asphalt patch for a pothole repair? We can deliver! Patches are easy to execute. Talk to a member of our team to discuss the right solution for you.


Are you tired of drivers moving around your property at high speed? A proven method to reduce traffic speeds and provide additional safety to shoppers or other clients on the property is to build speedbumps. These are easily created using asphalt material and have an instant effect on safety.

Snow Removal

A big part of keeping your asphalt surfaces in prime condition year over year is to ensure regular removal of snow and ice. Whiteout Group provides snow removal service in Winnipeg, MB to both residential and commercial clients. Get in touch with us to find out more about seasonal contracts or job-to-job removals!

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When it comes to asphalt services in Winnipeg, Whiteout Group has you covered. Our talent and equipment allow us to get the job done efficiently and properly. We strive to satisfy our customers in the same way fresh asphalt satisfies the wheels of your vehicle. Call us today for a free assessment.

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