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Fall Cleanup Winnipeg

Spring/Fall Cleanups

Spring Cleaning

Spring, the time of year when the birds start chirping, you start to emerge from winter hibernation and the snow starts melting. This is when you realize the grassed areas and bushes on your property are covered in sand, dirt and debris.

Whiteout Snow Removal offers a spring clean up which includes:

  • power raking of all grassed areas
  • cleaning of flower beds
  • cleaning underneath of all hedges and shrubbery
  • removal of gravel from grassed areas
  • blowing and clearing all pathways and entrances.

Fall Service

Fall, the time of year the smell of pumpkin spice fills the air, we run our heat and air conditioning on the same day, and the leaves begin to fall. Our fall cleanup service includes:

  • removal of all leaves and lose dead grass across the entire property
  • completing a final cut and trim of lawn for the season
  • blow and clean all sidewalks and driveways.